History of the Outlaws


It all started when...

In 2003, a group of friends came together and decided that they had been overlooked too many times. They were determined that they were going to make people notice them; bridges would be burned and walls would be knocked down. They declared war on the powerhouses of the Northern Football Conference, and they created The Tri-City Outlaws. From that moment forward the Gold and Black team has continued to do damage in the NFC Playoffs.

From day one, the Tri-City Outlaws have refused to be intimidated and tossed around. In 2005, in a game that some predicted the Outlaws would lose 100-0, the Outlaws defeated the powerful Milton Marauders 13-6. In the years that followed, the Outlaws won two more NFC titles, one CMFL National Championship game, and played in six NFC Championship games.

In the early days, the Outlaws were continually reminded that we were not very talented. Teams loved to point out that we were too slow, lacked pedigree, and we were too raw. Time after time we drove those words down their throats and made them respect us. Win or lose, people hated having to play the Outlaws.

After two straight seasons of losing in semi-final games we have decided that it is time for the Outlaws to have a rebirth. It's time for us to stop worrying about anyone that doesn't wear black and gold, and declare war on the NFC once more. We will build a family. We will go back to lying down for no one. We will go back to physically punishing people for showing up to play us.

In 2005 someone told us that we weren't good, and they asked us why we even bothered showing up. Our response was "We don't know any better, we came here to win". 

Some of the teams that stood in our way are now memories. Their bridges have been burned and their walls have been destroyed. The Gold and Black, however, still remains. The "New Age Outlaws" look to continue the legacy of greatness.